Our Solutions

Our Solutions

We’ve designed our FX solutions to save you time and money and to exceed your expectations for transacting globally.

You deserve an FX partner as dedicated to your cross-border transactions as you are to your own business. FARO FX specializes in providing corporate foreign exchange and global payment solutions. With a diverse client base, we expertly tailor payment and FX solutions to meet your industry’s needs, support your operations and facilitate global growth opportunities.


If you find yourself in a time crunch and need to make quick international transfers then spot transactions could be your preferred solution. Spot transactions are a secure and stress-free way to send and receive money quickly.

SENDING CURRENCY – Purchase and send over 130 currencies, all across the world, at the live exchange rate for standard two business day delivery; same or next-day delivery available for select currencies.

RECEIVING CURRENCY – When you receive a transfer, we place the foreign funds directly into your multi-currency account instead of having the funds automatically converted to US dollars. You can hold the foreign funds in your multi-currency account and send them out directly to avoid unnecessary conversion costs.


Buy or sell currency now, pay later. Whether you are looking to take advantage of current market conditions or just like to plan ahead, eliminate the risk of unfavorable currency market moves between now and the time you need to make your payment with forward contracts.

Exchange rates move constantly. Forward contracts give your business the freedom and flexibility to take the unpredictability out of currency conversion and budget effectively to protect your profit margins from negative market movements. This means no more worrying about currency market volatility. Regardless of which direction the market moves you will know the exact cost of the amount you need when you are ready to make a transfer. The best part: you don’t have to pay until the currency is needed, keeping that cash free for other uses; in other words, planning and budgeting just got a little more stress-free.


Choose your exchange rate. Market orders offer continuous, around-the-clock market coverage and automatically execute transactions for you when the market hits your specified exchange rate–going far beyond your bank’s limited operating hours.


  • No cost or fees to place market orders
  • Monitored 24/7
  • Automatically executed trades when the market hits your rate
  • Protect and improve your exchange rate
  • Easily modified or canceled
  • Flexible processing options

Simply set your best and/or worst case exchange rate and whether you would like your market order to have an expiry date or remain open.


Hold foreign currencies with zero fees. Whether receiving foreign currency or taking advantage of favorable market conditions, FARO FX lets you hold over 30 different currencies for future use.


  • No required minimum balance
  • No account maintenance fees
  • Receive and hold incoming foreign funds

FARO FX multi-currency accounts allow your business to receive and hold foreign funds without the hassle of opening international bank accounts or first converting foreign funds into US dollars, saving you time and money.

Whatever your business needs, receiving and holding foreign currency is made easy with FARO FX.


Currency volatility, also known as Foreign Exchange (FX) volatility, is the unpredictable movement of exchange rates in the global foreign exchange market. With over $5.3 trillion of USD being traded every day, this volatility can lead to large losses (or gains) in the foreign exchange market—and it is the principal cause of foreign currency risk.

When you operate your business globally, successfully navigating the volatile FX market is critical to your profit margins. Unless you’re allocating resources to round-the-clock monitoring of currency market swings along with the potential impacts of political, business, governmental, environmental, social forces or even just a late-night tweet—you may expose your bottom line to unnecessary FX risk. Using a combination of forecasting methods in tandem with a deep understanding of your business, FARO FX helps forecast your FX exposure and better manage your global payments.

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